BORN ANEW CHURCH is a church of small groups, in that, every ministry at BORN ANEW is a small group.

The Purpose of our Small Groups

To Grow in Relationship With God

Small groups provide an effective place to learn about God and grow in our relationships with Him. Seeking Jesus in a small group also gives us the opportunity to learn from others.

To Develop Relationship With Others

It is often very difficult in our society to develop trust with other people. Small groups offer a safe opportunity to form strong, lasting friendships. These groups help us open our hearts to one another, begin to share honestly with one another, and learn to trust once more.

To Equip and Train

We believe every Christian is called as a minister of Jesus Christ and is given the privilege and responsibility to minister with the gifts of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12)

To Provide Support ande Healing

Everyone needs support to heal at some time in their lives. We all face emergencies, illness and personal crisis. It is within the Small Group that this takes place as we gather those in need, loving, supporting and praying for them as a group of friends.

To Grow Ones Relationship With God

Small Groups provide an effect places to learn about God and grow in our relationship with him. Seeking Jesus in a Small Group also gives us the opportunity to learn from others.

To Develop New Leaders

Small Groups provide a way to train new leaders. Through small groups people are discipled and led through a program of training that will, not only, mature them in their faith, but prepare them for leadership roles in the community.

To Reach Out to Others

A significant focus of our small groups is reaching out to others with the Gospel and the practical love of Jesus. Supporting and sponsoring a family or single mothers through school, visiting nursing homes are examples of what our groups are doing. We want to be other-centered, rather than self-centered.

Our primary purpose, as people and as a church is to worship and honor God in all that we are and all that we do (Mark 12:30). Our secondary purpose, as people and as a church, is to help others have an intimate and personal relationship with God (Mark 12:31).

To Bring People to Jesus

We believe small groups are the primary tool of evangelism. A persons searching for answers to his or her life's questions will find it easier and less intimidating to attend a small group than a large and impersonal church service. We encourage Small Groups to invite visitors to their group's meeting as well as, to regular Small Group social events.